Saturday, February 27, 2010

I had to get a new eye exam and new glasses last October.I had put this off for years like most people,because of the cost of exams.But the glasses I had were so very old.At least 12 years! My grandson ,when he was toddeling around got to them once and did a very good job of bending the side.But I always thought that was a sweet reminder of him. Getting back to glasses now.Needless to say,my husband and myself are two of the millions of people without any healthcare insurance and for sure eye care plans. So when it came time,we had to save back for the exam.I found out for sure before I made the appointment that I could choose my frames,then put them on a lay-a-way plan. This is only because we are old patients of this Dr . It really bugged me because I knew I would only have designer frames to choose from.The prices would be rediculous. When it came to chooseing ,I went directly to the clearance frames and there were a total of 6 frames.3 were children frames and 1 were mens and the other 2 were hideous female frames.It was going to be exactly like I knew it would be.I was going to have to choose an expensive pair.I chose a few ‘cheaper’ frames then chose from those. The frame I chose was $125.Along with the cost of each lense with just a scratch coating protectrant,the total came to $296.I just found this to be unacceptable to people on a budget. The good part about this all was I was only shy $30 when I ordered the glasses.So within a week,when the glasses were ready for pickup,I had the $30 to actually pick them up. Woohoo.

Long story short.I picked glasses up.The frames were not lightweight wire.They were heavy.It took quite awhile for me to feel comfortable in them.Then a thought came to me that when warm weather came,remember,this was all in October,that those heavy frames would slide right off my nose. I marked it up as a total bad choice. We have all made mistakes like this.Glasses are worn by 75% of adults.Out of the 75% some wear only for reading and some wear contact lenses.Either way,it is costly.Now my husband wears only the ones you can buy out of a store.He is content with those.He only needs them for reading.I need the whole bifocal thing.

I digress.I researched buying cheaper glasses online.The pros and the cons.I read many articles about this.I found out that you could buy a frame that was of good quality for under $20.I found some that were even under $10. Buying glasses online was as scary thought for me but one I wanted to try since the feedback I was getting,was that these places were just as good as any eyewear franchises.

I thought reading the prescription would be a challenge,but it is all explained step by step and some places allow you to upload an image of the prescription where you dont have to worry about it. I would caution on choosing all the extras,tints,coatingsclips and such.this all adds up.Just my basic bifocal with the poly lenses and I got a pair of glasses for a total of $42. $5 of that total was a total flat shipping rate.

My husband loves these glasses.He says they look better than the designer ones . Yes,the glasses do come with a guarentee,so if you want to gamble,go for it.But I think in the long run you will be satisfied with the result.Here are a few of the top recommended sites for glasses.

Here is a good article about buying glasses online that I really enjoyed.

This article lists a few sites also.

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I'm no expert in finaces,by any means. Just someone who out of necessity has learned to live on a budget most of my life.If their is something you want ,chances are you can aquire it without spending full price. The WWW(WorldWideWeb) is a fountain of information on how to make,swap,bargain and buy.I just want to share what I come across and hopefully save someone a nickle! So If you have any ideas or tips to add,post them here. Delores