Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I just finished up cleaning up my kitchen floors,Whew,what a job!
It is time for my spring cleaning.As I sat watching some TV show I made my list.It was still cold outside so I started with small jobs.The closets.Got those done in no time and am loving all the room.I discarded many things,that I thought I would use eventually.Wrong.It wasn't gonna happen.So I cleaned it all out.I got a flyer in the mail a few years ago from a realtor.It was giving tips on how to declutter before showing your house to the market.It said to put things in one of 3 piles.1 was keepers,2 was trash and 3 was recycle or donate.I have been doing this and it really does work.I even got rid of makeup that I knew I would never wear or even try!.Some of it was still in unopened packages.But again,I am getting OS.
Last week was beautiful weather and I knew I needed outside to get flower beds and garden soil ready but I just could not jump from house to garden so I worked inside.And yes,it takes me awhile to do these things on my list.The closets,checked off list.carpet,checked off.Office,checked off.I must say the office has been the worse so far.I had things stuffed back that were just foolish.Now the kitchen floor I did on my hands and knees.A floor scrubber that I got from the dollar store with powdered bleach.It is shining like a new penny now.Normally I just go over with those wet mops that you just pop on the dampened cloth and use.They are fast and easy but they just get some of the surface dirt.We have pets and much traffic so it gets nasty.So the fast floor mopping I do ,doesnt actually do much and needless to say,cost a few bucks.The name brand is twice as much as what I buy,which is the store brand.But convienence is always great.So.when cleaning,if you can afford a service to come in and do it.go for it.But if not,like the majority of us,just make that list and keep it close by and take a item at a time and in no time you will get it all done.When my house is clean and in order,I feel like my emotions are calmer.I can then,dedicate myself to the garden and get some things growing.Have a great day and happy cleaning!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Sunday's paper was loaded with some great coupons.I know alot of people dont like the hastle of cutting and using coupons but would love the discounts.Trust me.It is worth cutting even one coupon.Remember,you never have to pay full price if you really dont want to.The discounts add up.I picked out 2 favorite coupons this week.I was going to buy the clairol nice and easy soon anyway and the coupons are for $1 & $5.This is a good discount.Then there was the Nestle Crunch BOGOF! Sucker for chocolate!!
But there were many,many more great grocery item coupons.Use those coupons.Checkout those coupon websites that you can print out the coupons also.They will have some good ones.If you can organise and do the double coupons,then your savings will be substanial.I'm afraid I have tried, but have not mastered that art yet.But it is so inspiring to hear stories of those getting over $100 worth of groceries for mere pennies!!
I just happen to be in an area that does not have many of those places that will double them.And walmart says their 'everyday' low price is enough!
But give it a shot and enjoy the feel of saving those few cents.Hubby tells me he would rather pay the full price than rummage for a coupon.I think this is pride talking.Underneath he is always thrilled to get something at a cheaper price.It is just not the manly thing to do.Pull out a coupon,I mean.Most news stands will carry the sunday edition of your local paper for a few days extra for those who miss it and also because it costs more at a news stand so you will pay more but the coupon inserts are worth it.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Shopping Days

I have found that Thursday and Friday are the best days to shop for just about anything and to get the dibs on marked down items.In Sunday's paper,you can always find the sales inserts .So Monday is for sure to be a busy day trying to beat the crowds and get that item in the right color and style before they are all gone.Most stores,you will find,will only carry under 10 of a sales item.The trick is to get you into the store so you can buy something else.So the 10 items will be gone fast,if it is a product many customers want.
A example of this is in those black friday sales that start a frenzy of shopping.The walmart stores had laptops that were to go for $199.If you checked,each store only had 3.So how fast did those go?First 5 minates?
So my point in all this is that I have always waited till the end of the week,usually Thursday and Friday to shop.Some of those sales items will be marked down to 70% off sales price,just to clear out for shelf space.
Right now large stores are making shelf room for seasonal items.Not just holiday,such as valentine,Easter and such,No I am talking about stores marking down the winter bed linens,kitchen and bathroom accesseries.They will mark these down 50% and then what is left on down 70%.This is great savings.So going out Thursdays will give you first dibs on colors and sizes.Friday shopping will give you the best prices,maybe not the exact color you wanted but the price will be cheap,cheap. Today,I picked up a kitchen set for $1.50 for a housewarming gift,I needed to get.It was less than half of the original price.I also picked up fleece pants for $3.These were for me.
So,when you see those Sunday sales ads.Try holding out until later on in the week and you can save even more $$$$.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This goes out to my older brother who has just received his GED.
Some disagree about a high school education being necessary these days.At the time,I thought it was something that just was not high on my list of things to do! I had absolutely no interest in learning and had no clue as to what I would become in my small town life.Now in later years,it is a matter of finishing something that I started and something I can be proud of and a inspiration.But let me tell you,when I looked at my first fraction problem,it was all latin to me.It looked foreign.I knew this was only the beginning of stumbles in this quest for education.One I am still working on.
So to you people that dont think education in schools in important.Think again.It is the first thing asked on every document that is important and some that aren't.So tell me,if a diploma is not important,why do places want to know how much schooling you have had? It's important.
Back to my brother.This sister is very proud of him.