Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This goes out to my older brother who has just received his GED.
Some disagree about a high school education being necessary these days.At the time,I thought it was something that just was not high on my list of things to do! I had absolutely no interest in learning and had no clue as to what I would become in my small town life.Now in later years,it is a matter of finishing something that I started and something I can be proud of and a inspiration.But let me tell you,when I looked at my first fraction problem,it was all latin to me.It looked foreign.I knew this was only the beginning of stumbles in this quest for education.One I am still working on.
So to you people that dont think education in schools in important.Think again.It is the first thing asked on every document that is important and some that aren't.So tell me,if a diploma is not important,why do places want to know how much schooling you have had? It's important.
Back to my brother.This sister is very proud of him.

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