Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Sunday's paper was loaded with some great coupons.I know alot of people dont like the hastle of cutting and using coupons but would love the discounts.Trust me.It is worth cutting even one coupon.Remember,you never have to pay full price if you really dont want to.The discounts add up.I picked out 2 favorite coupons this week.I was going to buy the clairol nice and easy soon anyway and the coupons are for $1 & $5.This is a good discount.Then there was the Nestle Crunch BOGOF! Sucker for chocolate!!
But there were many,many more great grocery item coupons.Use those coupons.Checkout those coupon websites that you can print out the coupons also.They will have some good ones.If you can organise and do the double coupons,then your savings will be substanial.I'm afraid I have tried, but have not mastered that art yet.But it is so inspiring to hear stories of those getting over $100 worth of groceries for mere pennies!!
I just happen to be in an area that does not have many of those places that will double them.And walmart says their 'everyday' low price is enough!
But give it a shot and enjoy the feel of saving those few cents.Hubby tells me he would rather pay the full price than rummage for a coupon.I think this is pride talking.Underneath he is always thrilled to get something at a cheaper price.It is just not the manly thing to do.Pull out a coupon,I mean.Most news stands will carry the sunday edition of your local paper for a few days extra for those who miss it and also because it costs more at a news stand so you will pay more but the coupon inserts are worth it.

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