Friday, March 5, 2010

Shopping Days

I have found that Thursday and Friday are the best days to shop for just about anything and to get the dibs on marked down items.In Sunday's paper,you can always find the sales inserts .So Monday is for sure to be a busy day trying to beat the crowds and get that item in the right color and style before they are all gone.Most stores,you will find,will only carry under 10 of a sales item.The trick is to get you into the store so you can buy something else.So the 10 items will be gone fast,if it is a product many customers want.
A example of this is in those black friday sales that start a frenzy of shopping.The walmart stores had laptops that were to go for $199.If you checked,each store only had 3.So how fast did those go?First 5 minates?
So my point in all this is that I have always waited till the end of the week,usually Thursday and Friday to shop.Some of those sales items will be marked down to 70% off sales price,just to clear out for shelf space.
Right now large stores are making shelf room for seasonal items.Not just holiday,such as valentine,Easter and such,No I am talking about stores marking down the winter bed linens,kitchen and bathroom accesseries.They will mark these down 50% and then what is left on down 70%.This is great savings.So going out Thursdays will give you first dibs on colors and sizes.Friday shopping will give you the best prices,maybe not the exact color you wanted but the price will be cheap,cheap. Today,I picked up a kitchen set for $1.50 for a housewarming gift,I needed to get.It was less than half of the original price.I also picked up fleece pants for $3.These were for me.
So,when you see those Sunday sales ads.Try holding out until later on in the week and you can save even more $$$$.

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