Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I just finished up cleaning up my kitchen floors,Whew,what a job!
It is time for my spring cleaning.As I sat watching some TV show I made my list.It was still cold outside so I started with small jobs.The closets.Got those done in no time and am loving all the room.I discarded many things,that I thought I would use eventually.Wrong.It wasn't gonna happen.So I cleaned it all out.I got a flyer in the mail a few years ago from a realtor.It was giving tips on how to declutter before showing your house to the market.It said to put things in one of 3 piles.1 was keepers,2 was trash and 3 was recycle or donate.I have been doing this and it really does work.I even got rid of makeup that I knew I would never wear or even try!.Some of it was still in unopened packages.But again,I am getting OS.
Last week was beautiful weather and I knew I needed outside to get flower beds and garden soil ready but I just could not jump from house to garden so I worked inside.And yes,it takes me awhile to do these things on my list.The closets,checked off list.carpet,checked off.Office,checked off.I must say the office has been the worse so far.I had things stuffed back that were just foolish.Now the kitchen floor I did on my hands and knees.A floor scrubber that I got from the dollar store with powdered bleach.It is shining like a new penny now.Normally I just go over with those wet mops that you just pop on the dampened cloth and use.They are fast and easy but they just get some of the surface dirt.We have pets and much traffic so it gets nasty.So the fast floor mopping I do ,doesnt actually do much and needless to say,cost a few bucks.The name brand is twice as much as what I buy,which is the store brand.But convienence is always great.So.when cleaning,if you can afford a service to come in and do it.go for it.But if not,like the majority of us,just make that list and keep it close by and take a item at a time and in no time you will get it all done.When my house is clean and in order,I feel like my emotions are calmer.I can then,dedicate myself to the garden and get some things growing.Have a great day and happy cleaning!

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