Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

It is 1/3/2011.
This is as soon as I could get here to post something.It has been a bit hectic and just trying to get things in order.
The Christmas things are down and boxed.I now have to get all this stuff organised and stuffed into the closet in the office. I spent a hour or more in the kitchen cleaning the counters and putting most of what has been on the counter for 2 weeks, up.I also managed to pull out a few things that I had pushed back a Ind will probably not use.This is what I want to do.get rid of things that I do not use.It is just taking up space.Fingers crossed that I will get some of this stuff done.
My family is all happy and healthy so I am a satisfied Momma.When I get my house in order and that means cleaned and clothes washed dried and put away,then I will watch a few movies that I have and finish a book,I need to before The much anticipated book release of SHADOWFEVER,1/18. alright,I can tell I am all over the board,this shows how my scattered mind works........hopes to post again soon.

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