Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ramblings from me to you.

I managed to get rid of about 200 books.
Freecycle.It's a wonderful group.Except I posted the books yesterday and late last night the moderator still hadn't posted anything.Found out this morning that it is a truck driver that moderates the messages.Would never have guessed but I suppose it works.Said it was hard to get WiFi in truck at times and this is why he or she had not got around to posting the messages.

Anyhow,someone came with boxes and picked them all up.Now I have 3 empty tubs for other things and a office that is cleaned and organised.I love the feeling that things are in order.Just wish it could stay this way but my life is just not like this.I'm a creature of habit but being habitual about order is not one of them.

I would really like for things to be cleaned and in order by the 18th.This is when a book is released that I have waited for a year to read.It is the conclusion to a 5 book series and I can tell you without a doubt it is the best story I have read in years.For one thing it has a heroine that is strong but yet vulnerable.She is strong,but yet feminine. I just love the character and with each book she grew better and better.I found that we(the ones that love the series) are called maniacs.and we are many.The authors website is huge with a chat forums where people from around the world ask questions and gave theories and just made fun of things that I for one have done myself after reading the first book.It's been a good read and I am waiting for the ending.Taking the day to read and read and read......

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