Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Green Living tip

I live in NW Arkansas,so anyone from this area knows the weather can change from day to day.  This morning is a nice sun shiny day. So I am make use of it...
I had my hubby hang me a small clothes line after we moved into our home.  Since this was a community that had a 'declaration' of sorts of things that were not allowed or frowned upon, I had him run it from deck to a small tree ,out of view of passerbys.
That line broke a while back and now I have a better quality line and tighteners. This morning I hung out sheets and towels . Yes the towels with not be as soft as dryer dried but I think of the $ I saved by using solar energy.  Anyone with a yard can go to  Lowe's and buy the 'umbrella' clothes rack that is a pole and several lines that fold up and down that will hold a few loads of clothes. I noticed that walmart had one on display at one of their supercenters. It was not the super one, but I am sure it held at least 1 load. Just think of the space it saves.!
So use that SOLAR ENERGY when possible.

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