Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I was going to name this guilty pleasure,but that would be so off the mark. Their is nothing pleasurable about it.....REAL HOUSEWIVES OF OC.  One question.  Where do they find these women? Is it a requirement for women  who live in OC to all be scraggly haired bleached blondes? Oh yeah,the boobs,too. It is like they are all the same. The only one who seemed to have any real to them was or is the daughter of Vickie,Brianna.  The stars of the show....let me introduce them: Vickie:  PROS: work ethic that is admirable. Actually cooks her meals.Seems to live within their checkbook boundaries.CONS:  A bit rude.  Big flirt.  Judgmental.

 Tamra: Cons: Funny. Loving mother. Has a job. Usually speaks what I am thinking. Doesnt seem to live above her means. CONS: Potty mouth.  Dresses to young for her age. Body image is way to important.
 Gretchen: Pros....NONE.  CONS: Shallow. Fame seeker. Selfish. Dishonest .
 Alexxa:PROS. Searching for a Christian life(failing miserably). Family oriented. Works.
 CONS.: not a hands on MOM. Lives above means. Opulant. 

The show draws me like  a drug!  Knowing I am going to want to smack them....

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