Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Energy Saving Tip

Frugal Living : Filling your Freezer, not your Fridge is an easy way to save electricity

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Pack your Freezer and Save MoneyDon't fill your fridge to capacity. Leave space and it will greatly improve the efficiency of the fridge, saving you electricity. The air needs to flow to cool everything properly. A sparse fridge will not only save electricity and your money, but it will also be easier for you to control your ‘food inventory.’ You will have less spoilage – no stinking surprises in the back of the fridge! But, do not confuse this with your freezer. The freezer operates differently. It runs more efficiently when it’s filled. The frozen foods help to maintain the low temperature. So, the rule for saving money with an efficient fridge and freezer is 70% full fridge and 100% full freezer. Save electricity and save money! Frugal living and saving electricity and water go hand in hand. These costs are rising so Thrift Culture Now is dedicated to providing daily thrifty tips and ways to save money.

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