Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Check for your expiring coupons. I have one that expires after today. It is a good one,too. A BOGO . I will be using it in a bit. I cannot let a free thing go. 
I cannot say my couponing is working like the gals I am learning from. It seems my first trip to Walgreens did save me about $14 and I was happy. But this last trip I could not find hardly any of sale items. After researching,I have found that some couponers have no problem clearing a shelf. Walgreens has limits but some of these shoppers will do as many as 4 transactions to get as many deals as possible. I consider this a bit unethical. I am not the only one either. Some couponers with a louder voice than mine are really trying to stop this to keep companies from stopping coupons all together. This would be awful but I can see their point . 
I told my husband it is a shame that after years of buying groceries and using an ocassional coupon,that I really could have saved us thousands of $ if I had really tried. 
Live and learn.

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