Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our weather

This weather has been a bit whacky for a few weeks now. One day warm and sunny. Next stormy and threatening. It is a bit scary at times but I have always tried to stay calm and not work myself up when it is storming. But when the hail starts it is just an sound that could drive a person insane. I thought of all the poor creatures that cannot take cover and of all the tender plants,that I just planted,that will be broken up. But this is nature and it is getting very unpredictable. We are suppose to be on a few days of sunshine so I am feeling better already.  Posts will be more regular with the results of my first Walgreens with coupons.
 This is a picture of Joplin,MO. about 45 miles from me. That lone building there in the background is a hospital.

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