Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Todays shopping trip

My first stop was by a local grocer who had all Kellogs cereals half price. Now I had just printed out new coupons for Kelloggs.Two of the coupons were for 70 cents off 1 box. The others were $1 off 2 boxes. But after you break down the prices,you see your getting the cereal for a good price.
Then on to Walmart. Now this is Shareholders week and I decided to go to the nearest WM which is directly across from the WM home offices. I knew it was going to be hectic but I didn't want to drive to the other WM,which is across the MO line but that is the one closer to my home and the taxes are lower! But I chose to get the shopping done in this town. I decided not to take my coupon notebook inside the store.I am still feeling uncomfortable doing that. I took in everything I thought I would need. Down one of the aisles i saw a young girl with her coupon book open and searching.I had to stop and admire it.She had many more dividers than I,so I will be picking me some more up. I chatted with her for a few and she encouraged me to use the  other store ad for something I asked her about. Long story short. I used the ad,The cashier knew right off the things were indeed cheaper and did not bat an eyelash at ringing the lower prices. I was thrilled.
 My goodies for today are 2 packs of razors,FREE.1 deodorant,FREE. I know that may not seem like a lot to many but to me, it is great. I am still just a beginner and learning things and have no desire to empty shelves or cause a fuss over a coupon but I will never go back to paying full price for somethings.

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