Monday, September 5, 2011


I've been just missing lately. Been in a funk for a few months now. Been hard to shake it off.
May was a month that I was concerned with the possible flooding where my 2 elderly parents live. Eventually my brother got them to leave with my sister who lives in the northern part of the state. We had known for a time that Dad was slowly deteriorating. Long story short. The decision was made that Mom could not tend to my father any longer and he was put into a home. Very hard to see. Then focus was on Mom.  Few things came to light that her finaces were a mess and her judgment was not good. And on top of all that,some individual,who claimed to be a close friend of my mothers was abusing her. 
It was just aweful. 
After coming to terms with a few things,I made appointment for mom and her diagnosis was more advanced than we had guessed. She no longer could live alone. Now mind you,all this was in a matter of 8 weeks. I was still reeeling over my father.  At that time there was only 2 options. Me or my sister. I live out of state and knew deep down Mom was going only a short distance from where dad was at.
These were the major dramas,but I wont go into all the smaller dramas that added to my 'funk'.  So now.I am  adjusting,trying to live with things as they are now. But I know matters will get better.
 So I say all this to let you know the reason I have not posted anything in months.

This is the first of September and Birthdays have already started and the weater is changing. This is helping my mood.  But now for my hints:

It being September and  the season changing,now is the time to add to stockpiles.
Toilettries,canned foods,freezer items,such as meat sales,veggies.
 I have found that stocking up now helps during those winter days when you really need somethings but just cannot get out of the house.  Cake and cookie mixes  are so handy when you have children aropund and the weather is bad. make a few items and presto,something to snack on and keeps the kids busy for a bit.
 Toilet tissue is something that a household can never have enough of. so get extra when you can and store it.shampoo and deoderant with coupons are another thing you can stock up on. Toothbrushes for holiday guests. 
We loaded up on fresh raw peanuts,boiled them up and bagged and frozen for snacks,as we love them. Things like this will be a huge help and keep you from buying bags of chips.

I am makeing a deal with myself to start posting at least weekly and not let this 'funk' drag me down again. so I will return with recipes,hints and sweeps more often.

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