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I have fixed this dish for years. Never knew it was called this.I always called it goulash(?). I did prefer to use Rotel tomatoes,but I have used just plain tomatoes and yes,it is very filling and very tasty. Add ground beef,turkey or vinison(?). More filling!!

GORGEA 1930s Depression Era Recipe
Keep three ingredients on hand, and
you'll have everything you need to
get dinner on the table. This Gorge
recipe submitted by R. Hardy couldn't
be easier to make:
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
•Stewed tomatoes
•Melted cheese
Cook some macaroni; add some stewed
(home-canned) tomatoes and some
grated cheese. Mix it all together, so
that the cheese melts.
R. Hardy says:
I don't know if this goes back further
than the Depression, but my mother's
mother definitely made it during the
Depression. It's the name that I find
interesting, more than the dish: "Gorge."
My grandmother's mother was from
a German immigrant family, but I can't
say what the origins are of this recipe.
I assume the name comes from the fact
that you could gorge yourself on it cheaply.
My mother's family was quite poor.



Just for Fun 

Avocado Plants

An avocado plant (Persea americana)
 is easy to grow from the large stone
 inside the fruit. After planting, it can
 take only a few years to produce a
plant that is 3 feet tall. 
Start by opening the avocado and
removing the stone from the center.
Push 3 toothpicks into the thickest
width of the stone. These will be used
 to suspend the stone over a glass filled
 with water (toothpicks resting on the
 rim of the glass). 

Suspend the stone so that the wide base
 of the pit is under the surface of the water,
 while the top part remains exposed to
the air. Place the glass in a bright window sill.
 Keep the water level high enough so that
the base of the pit stays submerged in at
least 1 inch.
In 3 to 6 weeks, the top of the avocado pit
 will begin to split and a stem will emerge.
 Roots will start to grow at the base. When
 the stem grows to a height of 5 to 6 inches,
 transplant your avocado plant to an 8 inch pot.

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The Etsy Blog
This is just something very simple and will not cost you a thing if you have all the stuff!
Just too cute. Check it out.