Saturday, November 19, 2011

While wanting to update my blog to a more winter/holiday appearance,I went in search of more templates.
Big mistake.
I was previewing a few and  POW. FF went off and a small box,that looked alot like AVG was doing a scan. But something wasn't quite right.  It was !AVG and called 'privacy protection'. It emediatly was picking up threats left and right.  My actual firewall and AVG was blocked from this program.  It totally highjacked my computer.
Could not right click on anything.  It gave me a headache for a bit. 
 Long story short. Got laptop,looked up the threat, got 2 different removal methods and then called daughter, who is so much more savvy,than I.  After almost 2 hours, not quite but very close, I finally saw the end of the scanning box. But me be the paranoid that I am, still thinks it might be lurkning just waiting to highjack me again.
After hearing all the horror tales of maleware, virus' and such, I felt blessed to never have had any trouble. UNTIL I got the brainstorm to redo my blog!!  SO the moral of this blog post:  Beware of  everything on the www.

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