Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New life road.

I went to pick up my mother,January 6,2012. It was a spur of the moment decision that I had hoped would have happened months ago,but it took 5 months to come my way. I wont get into details,but one day I will let you know some of them.
 Mom was diagnosed with moderate dementia , 6/23/11. It is a date I will easily remember.
Even though I knew mom was not well,the actual diagnosis was a shock and emotional experience.

 Today is 6 months in to her new life and her health had rapidly declined.
I am so new to all this,I cannot answer even the simplest question asked. Ashamed to say,that my hubs rmembers way more than I do.
Meds for morning,meds for night.Oxygen always. Her grooming habits,her hygien habits. Just overload for my simple brain.

 So,I will be blogging ocaisionally ,but now it seems my simple living will be in a different direction that might not be quite as simple as i would prefer.
 The Holy Bible says to honor our Father and Mother.