Saturday, February 18, 2012

Itching to plant

That time of the year. I feel the need to get something growing. We are due for some bone chilling temps tonight. But It is close to the end of February and that means March is just a few weeks away and that means that Hummers are beginning their migration.
They normally make it when something has bloomed. But We nmeed to remember that hummers are also bug eating machines and we should have abundance of them.
Yesterday I walked around the back of the house and it looks a bit sad. Most of my neighbors are so organised that it is awe-inspiring to me. But not us. We will get the place looking good but it will take a bit. Right now,I have a downed tree to the right side of the house. and flower beds that look naked and sad. Shame faced. 

 What should I plant first?  

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