Saturday, February 4, 2012

Meds or no Meds

Re-filled 3 scrips for Mom,this morning.  One was for her memory. Without her insurance,that med would be $225.  Her cost was $50.  And If I thought these meds were making a difference, I don't think I would think, 'what if she didn't have to take them'.
But I do.
I want to take her off all of them.  She  is sleepy always.  No desire to do anything.
So....what if?
I am going to wait for the Cardiologist.  Make sure her heart is ok. Then  re-evaluate all this.  Should a person spend what years they have left taking a med for a possibility?

She took a short nap this afternoon and when she woke,she thought it was morning and disorinated about what part of the day it was.  She does not know what day it is,nor does she really care.  I see older people in public who are still so mobile and sharp. I wonder why not Mom and Dad?  And you know what else I wonder?.....Will I be like this?....

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