Monday, September 23, 2013

Goo Goo Ice cream Pie

Hands down,a Goo Goo cluster candy is the best I have ever eaten. It is just mouth waterin delish!

I must say I am going to try this one soon.

Goo Goo Ice Cream Pie


    1 chocolate cookie pie crust, 8" or 9"
    1 cup marshmallow creme
    1/2 cup caramel sauce
    2 cups vanilla ice cream
    1 cup chocolate fudge sauce
    1 cup peanuts, lightly salted
    1 Goo Goo Cluster, chopped, *optional


    Layer marshmallow creme evenly over the pie crust.
    Spoon caramel over marshmallow layer.
    Layer soft vanilla ice cream over the caramel.
    Slightly warm fudge sauce in microwave so it will be pourable. Spoon quickly over ice cream.
    Top with peanuts (and Goo Goo Cluster pieces if using), and freeze for several hours before serving


The ingredients can be doubled and placed in a 10" Springform pan to serve 12 to 16 servings. The chocolate cookie crust can be store-bought or made from crushed chocolate wafer cookies.

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