COUPONMOM.COM   is a very resourceful page that has many links that are helpful.  I think this is the cadilac of coupon knowledge. And it is free. Just register and go.
 This site has videos for easier understanding. It has forums for chat among other coupon clippers. It has a coupon data center which I have found is great...In need of a certain coupon....something you buy a lot of and are heading to the store.....look it up and print it out. 

When I first started clipping,I, in a naive way thought my savings would be like the ones I saw on TV. Actually it is just like they said. It will take a bit of time to organise and print out but in the long run,you will begin getting more and more savings. And I am still a novice. But In this economy, I need to save every dime I can.
  Their are many coupon pages online but I do recommend this one for your first.Mainly because of the knowledge base.

Another idea is to search  what I call  'mommy blogs'.  These blogs are loaded with links to freebies and coupons. These are young moms who spend  large amounts of time searching and getting some great deals and love sharing them. I have a few buttons on my main page that will link to some. 
Just give it a try...You'll luv it.